How to mitigate the effects of insect bites in children?

Children love carefree outdoor play during holidays or weekend trips, spent by the water or forest. Staying near water or in the forest means that children need to be protected against sunburn, they need to drink enough water, wear headgear and use insect and tick repellent approved for children.

The afternoon and evenings, when the heat becomes less oppressive and staying outdoors, for many of us is more pleasant, are unfortunately periods of peak activity of mosquitoes and blackflies.

While a mosquito bite is not dangerous to a child’s health, the occurrence of skin irritation and the itching “blisters” causes scratching, which can lead to epidermal damage and local infections. Therefore, it is worthwhile to apply a remedy that will soothe the itch as soon as possible, and in addition cool, reduce inflammation and regenerate the epidermis. For this purpose, you can use Recotin gel or special insect bites patches, developed especially for the children. The advantage of Recotin patches, apart from the immediate soothing effect, is the protection of the skin against mechanical damage. What is more, patches contain animal illustrations designed for the youngest.