How to avoid insect bites?

Although in our country there is no threat of transmitting infectious diseases by mosquitoes and blackflies, large swarms of these insects can effectively make leisure in the countryside unpleasant, especially when spent near bodies of water or if it rains for several days.

To protect yourself from insect bites it is worth following the recommendations below:

  • avoid being outside at peak mosquito activity times (morning and evening)
  • dress appropriately, i.e. wear long-sleeved sweatshirts and long trousers
  • use mechanical barriers in windows and doors (mosquito nets), which will prevent insects from entering homes through open windows and doors
  • use mosquito and blackfly repellents

After a bite, you can reduce the allergic reaction of mosquito or blackfly bite by taking antihistamines or reduce the symptoms of the bite by using a remedy available as a soothing gel or patch.