Recotin patches

1 pack contains 20 patches with animal motifs and 10 transparent patches.


Recotin patches care for the skin and quickly soothe itching sensation after insect bites. Create a mechanical barrier that prevents from scratching and further skin irritation at the site of the bite.

  • quickly relieve itching sensation
  • cool and soothe irritated skin
  • have astringent properties, reduce redness and accelerate skin regeneration
  • long lasting relief after just single application
Recotin patches - image

Recotin patches are all you need, without any unnecessary artificial additives.


Recotin patches contains natural active ingredients

  • lavender oil and capsicum extract (zanthoxylum), care for the skin, have a soothing effect and relieve itching and irritation
  • peppermint oil cools, refreshes and has astringent properties
  • calendula flowers extract reduces redness and accelerates skin regeneration